Editor, Daily Nexus,

While reading “County May Push Couches Inside,” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 16, 2002) I couldn’t help but wonder where these Santa Barbara conservatives got their degrees. Do you really think that if someone wants to burn their couch they would not take the two minutes to bring it outside and torch it?

The couches that are burned are usually those that an I.V. resident does not want anymore. They are not the couches that students sit on to study in the sun or watch passers-by on a busy weekend. So making us put our couches inside serves no real purpose other than to pass more laws by SB residents who think that the only thing I.V. residents do is drink and burn things. Who knew we were here for school and we only party so hard on the weekend because we work our ass off during the week? Do you ever wonder why the media doesn’t come to class with us?

I’m so tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money to live in a house where I have so many restrictions that I wonder if I actually live there. My landlords have assigned fines for parties, bands and furniture, how many holes are in the wall, smoking, and other excessive limitations. Why should everyone in I.V. be put in a crib? I sure as hell won’t be in my house again next year.

My favorite part of the article is the consequences that are given for burning a couch: lose your license or go to AA. Hmmm, which would you choose? So if my straight-edge friend Sean decides he wants to burn his couch and obviously opts not to lose his license, I’m sure he would learn a lot in AA. Overall, all we ask is that you let us live our lives. If we do something wrong then give us a fine, but don’t take away the rights of everyone because some people take their couch from inside or outside and burn it. This law is almost as dimwitted as sending notices home to our parents when we get a ticket. If you want each of us to be an adult then treat us like one.