A third-year UCSB student is asking the community for help in tracking down men she alleges sexually assaulted her late in the evening of Oct. 5 at a party.

The woman said between three and eight men led her into a bathroom of a residence on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive. She said the men told her roommate they were from the Los Angeles area and were friends with the DJ at the party.

“[The suspects] had been leaving the DP area when they approached my roommate and asked if she wanted to go to a party,” the woman said. “She asked me if I wanted to go and I said ‘Sure, whatever.’ They said it was an after-party. They walked into the house. I didn’t see any of them say hi to anyone or anything, but they just walked right in. Two of the guys lured my roommate away from me and kept her distracted the whole time. Then this one guy was like, ‘Come here,’ and he led me to the bathroom.”

A male resident of the alleged crime scene, who asked that his name be withheld, said neither he nor his roommates know any persons matching the description of the suspects. He also said the gathering was tame, but some people attended whom none of the residents knew. The DJ was a close friend of theirs from San Diego and said he did not bring any friends with him to the party that fit the description of the suspects.

“I.V. gets such a bad rap as it is. We weren’t having an out-of-control party,” the resident said. “The music was shut off at midnight and there was no alcohol past 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. to prevent randoms from coming in.”

The woman, whose name is not printed because it is against Daily Nexus policy to reveal victims’ names in sexual assault cases, said she is sure that three men were initially in the bathroom with her and also recalls men coming in and out of the small room.

“I physically couldn’t yell or scream,” she said. “Once it was all over, I walked out of the bathroom and my roommate was in the hall or the living room. She asked me if I had my glasses. I didn’t, so I went back into the bathroom. I think they had left at that point. When I got my glasses I noticed my cell phone was gone, and nobody ever found it so I assume they took it with them.”

Detectives from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. knocked on the door of the DP house around 8:00 the next morning, the resident said.

“We’re worried about how the public is going to view us in the future because it happened at our house,” he said. “We’re very sympathetic to the situation and to the victim and we’ve cooperated fully with the detectives. They asked us if they could look around even though they didn’t have a search warrant. We let them in immediately because we [were] so concerned.”

Isla Vista Foot Patrol Lt. Tom McKinny said he could not comment on the incident because it could hinder the investigation. However, he confirmed that the alleged rape had been reported and is currently under investigation.

To aid in the investigation, the woman’s family has circulated thousands of flyers in the area asking anyone who may have information leading to the suspects to contact the sheriff’s anonymous tip line. The flyer has a headline that reads, “HELP STOP THE RAPISTS!” and lists the address of the DP house.

The resident of the house said he and his roommates want to help in any way they can, but he wishes someone had asked for their consent before distributing the flyers.

“We understand the purpose of the flyer and its intent. However, we feel it could have been approached in a different way, including our knowledge of the flyer before it went out,” he said.

Footage of the DP house was also shown on Channel 3 News on Tuesday at 11:30 p.m.

“Showing our house on TV isn’t helping the investigation in any way,” the resident said.

Anyone with any information is strongly encouraged to call the sheriff’s anonymous tip line at 681-4171.

“I thought I took pretty good care of myself and it still happened to me,” the woman said.