Three Isla Vista locations have been chosen as the possible installation site for a new public restroom and shower facility.

About 20 I.V. residents, along with 3rd District Supervisor Gail Marshall and her staff assistant Mark Chaconas discussed issues related to public bathroom locations at an Isla Vista Town Hall Meeting Wednesday evening at the University Religious Center.

The three locations, in order of popularity among community members present, are the Coal Oil Point parking lot, Camino Pescadero Park and Camino Del Sur Park, the latter of which are on opposite ends of the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive.

The Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors had applied in August for a Coastal Resource Enhancement Fund grant from the county in order to pay for the badly needed public restrooms.

“The addition of a public restroom at Camino Del Sur would address many convenience, health and safety issues, as well as relieve pressure from the IVFP in issuing public urination citations,” Marshall said.

However, some residents said they felt the application for $40,000 in CREF grant money would be better spent on facilities used for beach-going and surfing purposes, rather than for the convenience of drunken, urinating college students who crowd Isla Vista for only nine months a year.

“We should be focusing on coastal access improvements where the most people visit the beach,” Joy Hufschmid, an Isla Vista resident for the past 20 years said. “Coal Oil Point will receive far more traffic during the day. Let’s put it where it’s needed.”

Residents at the meeting also voiced concern about issues of vandalism and proper lighting.

“If the bathrooms aren’t adequately lit or placed in areas of heavy foot traffic, I’m worried about somebody getting pulled into one of these things and being raped,” Lou Ventura, an Isla Vista resident and member of General Plan Advisory Committee.

The bathroom, once constructed, will consist of two unisex toilet stalls and a shower. The County Board of Supervisors will decide the final location of the bathroom pending the allocation of CREF grants at their Nov. 18 meeting.