In UCSB’s first-ever online election, students reaffirmed their support for the MultiCultural Center lock-in fee, but were less supportive of the Associated Students’ base fee increase, which failed.

This was the first fall special election in A.S. history and the first time elections were held online. Nearly 5,800 students voted in the election, MCC Director Zaveeni Khan-Marcus said, making it the biggest turnout in five years.

The MCC’s reaffirmation fee passed by an 82 percent majority. The new lock-in will increase the previous 75-cent lock-in fee by $1.75. The fee was initially passed in the spring A.S. election but was vetoed by the UC Office of the President this summer due to a complication concerning ballot language.

“We are thrilled that this thing passed,” Khan-Marcus said. “We are really touched. We are grateful to the students.”

Khan-Marcus said the money from the lock-in would go towards increasing student staff and funding the students’ use of the MCC’s soundboard, among other things.

“This will allow us to give better service. Our primary goal is to serve the students,” Khan-Marcus said. “The best thing is that we don’t have to worry about campaigning. We can just go on with our daily business.”

Associated Students’ base fund lock-in fee did not pass, External Vice President for Statewide Affairs Isabel Millan said. Official results were not available due to the closure of the A.S. building during this week’s strikes. The A.S. lock-in fee, which failed in the previous three A.S. elections, needed the endorsement of 66 percent of voting students to pass.

A.S. Legislative Council members had not received the official results at press time and the A.S. executive officers were unavailable for comment.