Editor, Daily Nexus,

I read the Daily Nexus every day – I have for years. Actually, I only used a small portion of your staff editorial (“Betrayed,” Daily Nexus, May 4, 2001) regarding Gail Marshall’s “betrayal.” I liked the part where you scolded her for not having integrity and fortitude, and for not standing up for what she believed in. She didn’t have any problem being the lone dissenter in votes on the Sandpiper and Providence Landing housing projects. My advertisement was talking about integrity. I fail to see the misuse of context.

To set the record straight, I was not involved in the placing of the recall on the ballot, nor was I involved in the setting of the election date. I did not become a candidate until after the election was approved by the court. It didn’t and doesn’t matter to me when the election takes place. I also have no illusions about winning an election in Isla Vista. I do, however, think that you should know what some of my basic principals are. I will sincerely listen to everyone’s input on issues and will do so courteously. I will not make a promise I can’t or won’t keep and I will always be honest with you.