Editor, Daily Nexus,

Fraternities at UCSB appear to be dying. Many seem to think that UCSB’s recent policy statement with greek organizations that fraternities are no longer allowed to have alcohol at their social events is the death knell of campus fraternities. I’d like to remind the Nexus readers that there is a lot more to fraternity life than unrestricted parties.

Fraternities and greek life offer opportunities for leadership, scholarships, community involvement and public service, as well as business experience, networking opportunities and, of course, close, lifelong friendships that develop only in an environment of true “brotherhood.”

UCSB’s change in policy does not prevent fraternities from having parties; events with alcohol must now be different: hosted at insured, licensed vendors in the community. The goals of the policy are to enhance the reputation of greek organizations, make a safer, healthier environment for our students and help guide greek organizations back to their founding principles. Most fraternities and greek organizations were built upon the ideals of philanthropy, scholarship and good citizenship.

Fraternities can’t compete with Del Playa anymore and chapters that try to compete with DP will be committing suicide. But DP can’t compete with the traditions and heritage of fraternities, and can’t offer the positive benefits mentioned above, either.

I hope that the administration of UCSB continues to see the positive contributions greeks make to campus life, but more importantly, I hope the students see the benefits of affiliating with a greek letter club.