Editor’s Note:We know what you’re thinking. A campus election in fall? What’s next, hell freezing over? Flying pigs?

It’s true.

Last spring, the MultiCultural Center proposed a lock-in fee of $1 and the students voted overwhelmingly in favor of it. Due to an omission of MCC’s already standing lock-in on last year’s ballots, which the clever folks on the Campus Elections Commission didn’t catch, the University of California Office of the President overturned the new lock-in.

The MCC has called for a recount in order to reconfirm its lock-in, this time with kosher ballots.

What follows is the Daily Nexus Endorsements section. It stands as a guide to voters about the current special elections and the stance of the Nexus editorial board on these initiatives.

Your ability to vote is one of the few ways you have of letting the university know how you feel. Whether or not you agree with us, please remember to go online and cast your vote this week.

The MultiCultural Center is asking each student for $1 per quarter in the form of a lock-in fee to continue its incredible program of free shows including dramatic, dance and musical performances, as well as lectures, readings and art exhibits.

We supported the lock-in last year, and so did you.

The student body passed this same fee in last spring’s election, and we can all thank the Campus Elections Committee for this reconfirmation. The University of California Office of the President vetoed the original lock-in because our incompetent CEC missed the fact that the old ballots didn’t mention the MCC’s existing lock-in of 75 cents.

Rather than appealing UCOP’s decision, the MCC initiated a special election to reconfirm the vote. Should the lock-in fee not be passed, the MCC would have to start charging for whatever programming it could sustain. Students can kiss free access to lectures, films and performances at the MCC goodbye.

Now is the time for you to show your support again. Think of it as paying for a quarter of free entertainment in advance. For a $1.75, there isn’t much to argue with. The increased fees probably wouldn’t cover the admission to a single event should the fee not pass.

The MCC also provides a study lounge furnished with free beverages during Dead Week and Finals Week, and holds a coffee and movie night every Wednesday; all for free. Reconfirming your vote for the MCC lock-in will make sure all this remains open and accessible to UCSB students free of charge.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses the MCC Lock-In Fee.