Editor, Daily Nexus,

What a cruel twist of fate. Last spring I spent an unhealthy number of hours running around campus in an oversized yellow T-shirt as a volunteer for the MultiCultural Center lock-in fee increase campaign. After three caffeine-charged weeks of spreading the word, the MCC and its volunteers were rewarded with the sweet taste of victory in securing an increase of the lock-in fee by $1.75. The wonderful women who run the center went to work making plans for these funds, envisioning new additions to the MultiCultural Center’s already impressive repertoire of quality guest speakers, performers, artwork, comfortable study and meeting space, and attractive student jobs.

Alas, during the spring election it might not have been clear to student voters that the MCC already had a small lock-in fee of 75 cents per student (really, you can’t even buy coffee on this campus for 75 cents, much less run a center), even though this lock-in fee had been confirmed by students the previous year. It is my belief that even if students had been clear on this point during the spring election, the increase still would have passed.

I spoke to many, many students who were elated to be voting for the MCC to have more money because of the invaluable service it provides to all students and the space it provides for the campus and community to come together for the cultural education and entertainment. It is for this reason and my personal undying love for the MCC that I will gladly hit the campaign trail again this fall to make sure that the MCC lock-in fee increase that was passed by the students last spring is reconfirmed in the fall special elections.

If you see me sporting my new lime green T-shirt for the MCC, say “hi” and be reminded to vote YES for the reconfirmation of the MCC lock-in fee on GOLD during Oct. 8-10.