Three traffic accidents resulting in moderate but not life-threatening injuries to the involved parties occurred during the wet and foggy weather of the past few days.

Two people were injured in a rear-end collision at noon on Thursday at the intersection of Hollister Avenue and San Marcos Road in Goleta. One driver was unconscious when firefighters arrived at the scene of the accident. Ambulances took the passengers to Goleta Cottage Hospital after firefighters stabilized all injured parties.

At 5:24 p.m. on Saturday, six passengers were injured during a head-on collision at the summit of Las Cruces Grade on Highway 1, approximately one mile north of Highway 101. One passenger was red-tagged, meaning he or she sustained moderate injuries and required firefighters to extricate the passenger from the vehicle. According to Santa Barbara Fire Dept. Captain Charlie Johnson, a small compact car containing one person collided with a truck containing five passengers.

All patients were transported to various hospitals by ambulance. A medical emergency helicopter arrived at the scene, but rescue workers determined none of the victims needed to be airlifted.

At 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, three people sustained minor injuries during an accident involving three vehicles at the intersection of Storke Road and Calle Real. Ambulances took them to Goleta Cottage Hospital for necessary treatment.

This weekend saw the first rainy weather of the season. Johnson said drivers should exercise special caution during the first rains of the year, as the oil that collects throughout the summer months rises to surface of the asphalt, making even routine trips on familiar roads hazardous.

“It’s wet out there,” Johnson said. “Drive carefully.”