UCSB was ranked one of the “Top 25 Party Schools” in the nation by Playboy magazine.

In its November issue, which hits the racks Sept. 30 and features a nude Kristy Swanson and a clothed Willie Nelson, Playboy ranked UCSB No. 22 behind fellow Californians Chico State (No. 2) and San Diego State (No. 10).

“I think we should be No. 1,” junior English major Eric Valansi said.

The guidelines for ranking campuses were not revealed. However, the rankings were not based on editors’ campus tours, as in years past. The last Playboy editor ranking appeared in the Jan. 1987 issue. Instead, Playboy now depends on write-in votes and testimonials from over 1,500 students.

“Where else can one go to school with sunshine all year-round and blonde bombshells walking around wearing mini-skirts and bikini tops? That’s just class on Tuesday morning,” one testimonial said. “It isn’t called the University of Casual Sex and Beer for nothing.”

Playboy Associate Editor Alison Prato, who compiled the list, said Playboy was “thrilled” that many students throughout the country consider Playboy’s party school ranking the “ultimate honor.”

UCSB’s Chancellor Henry Yang is neither thrilled nor honored.

“This is not an accurate representation of our school,” Yang said. “While we are fortunate that UC Santa Barbara is in such a glamorous location, with the world’s best microclimate, we are also a serious academic institution with world-class stature.”

Yang said he wants the campus to be recognized for other achievements – such as its Nobel Prize-winning faculty and high academic standards.

“Among the reasons we have recently been rated one of America’s ‘hottest’ colleges are the outstanding academic opportunities we offer our students. This is what is important,” Yang said.

Freshman political science major Megan Gallaghur agreed.

“At least we’re not No. 1,” she said.