Nexus Acronym Dictionary

AP n. Academic probation. For you high school nerds, this no longer stands for advanced placement.

A.S. n. Associated Students, UCSB’s student government. Everyone in A.S. is very important – just ask them.

BUI. v. Biking under the influence. Falling off a bike, the handlebars of a bike, riding back to FT from DP.
n. A citation given that results in the same consequences as a DUI.

CCS. n. Counseling & Career Services. For those of you who cannot figure out monsterTRAK on your own computer.

CCS n. College of Creative Studies. College of artsy and/or exceptionally smart and/or exceptionally stuck-up students who are allowed to choose their own GE classes and get priority registration.

CSO n. Community Service Organization. The anemic yellow-shirted students who supposedly ensure security on campus.

D.I.P v. Drunk in public. n. A citation given if you’re stupid enough to vomit in front of/on a law enforcement officer.

DLG n. De La Guerra. A dining facility also referred to as Daily Load of Garbage.

DP n. Del Playa. The street in Isla Vista that runs alongside the ocean. Characterized by loud house parties with live bands, plenty of kegs and splattered vomit on the asphalt.

GCC n. Goleta Coffee Company. Local coffee shop on Hollister Avenue where students congregate to study and get a caffeine fix.

FT n. Francisco Torres; Fuck Towers. Large towers located on the east end of El Colegio Road that house freshman and SBCC students. Characterized by its residents’ frequent intoxication and promiscuous acts. It’s the university’s fault for buying an old hotel with adjoining bathrooms.

I.V. n. Isla Vista. Beachside community of approximately 20,000 residents located north of UCSB campus; its apartments are dirty and over-priced, its college residents obnoxious and drunk.

MCC n. MultiCultural Center. Located adjacent to the UCen; provides information, activities, and foreign films containing nudity. Home to MCDC.

MCDC n. The MultiCultural Drama Company. The most politically incorrect comedy troupe on campus. Unless you count Sherwood Players – but they’re just funny because they’re so bad.

MIP n. Minor in possession. A citation given if a minor steps one foot off his/her personal property while still holding a Bud Light.

RA n. Resident assistant. Official resident hall monitor who tries to be both your friend and parent, but achieves neither.

RHA n. Residence Halls Association. Group of dorm representatives who accomplish little more than ridding the world of surplus cinna-bread, while feeding their own self-importance.

RBR n. Reserve Book Room. Study area adjacent to the front entrance of the library; open 24 hours. Food and drinks are permitted, but the stench may curb your appetite.

SAASB n. Student Affairs and Administration Services Building. Takes care of tuition and works around the clock to keep you broke.

SBCC n. Santa Barbara City College. Community college that tends to pass its graduates as transfer students to UCSB, or leave them in I.V. until they are 40 years old.

TA n. Teaching assistant. “Poorly paid” position often held by graduate students. TAs teach sections and are available to answer questions when the professor is too intimidating to approach and/or bribe. Word of caution: Your TA may ask you out – run.

UCen. n. University Center. Location of the campus bookstore, dining facilities, offices and meeting rooms. A lounge is located in its center that provides Internet services and annoying Muzak.

UCSB n. 1. University of Casual Sex and Beer. 2. U. Can Study Buzzed. 3. University of California for Spoiled Brats. Welcome home.