For those ready to rock, we salute you. For the rest of you, here are some warm-ups. Concerts listed chronologically by date. Target demographics in italics.

6/26 – Black Uhuru w/ Dubcat (members of Hepcat and Long Beach Dub Allstars) – SLO Brewing Company, (805) 543-1843
White boys sporting killa dreads, mon, with enough of the old electric lettuce in their lungs to swear Bob Marley would’ve been down with them.

6/28 – Dredg – Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara, (805) 965-8676
Boys who have outgrown Tool and search for “the next big thing” to impress that hot chick in Global 151.

7/12 – Vans Warped Tour 2002 feat. NOFX, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, MXPX & Might Mighty Bosstones – Seaside Park, Ventura, (805) 648-3376
9th-grade girls who yearn to storm the stage in Blink’s absence and start gnawing on bystanders with their alternating-colored braces.

7/14 – Cheap Trick & WAR – Ventura Theater, (805) 653-0721
Pass the lighter, Mr. Isn’t-It-Time-For-A-Haircut.

7/26 – ZAO (last tour ever), Unearth, Killswitch Engage – The Living Room, Goleta, (805) 564-0130
Three words: hardcore, testosterone, sweat. The darkly clad metal devout will thrash about.

7/27 – Jewel w/ M2M – Santa Barbara Bowl,
Ponderous young women who might feel out of touch with their uteruses.

8/2 – Down from the Mountain (music from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”) – Santa Barbara Bowl,
Our parents. Just kidding. Folk lovers who dig the soundtrack with or without Clooney.

8/8 – Unlimited Sunshine 2002 (feat. Cake, The Flaming Lips, De La Soul, Modest Mouse, Kinky) – Santa Barbara Bowl,
Indie fans who still desire to shake some remnant of an unironic groove-thang.

8/16 – Violent Femmes – Ventura Theater, (805) 653-0721
20- to 40-somethings who either revel in post-punk/new wave pioneers, or else remember them from “My So-Called Life.”

8/24 – Chris Isaak – Santa Barbara Bowl,
Our parents. No, for real this time. Artsweek’s mom is obsessed. She knows the words to every song he’s ever sung.