Editor, Daily Nexus,

I truly appreciate the “It Affects Me” column on Wednesdays. I think that rape does affect everyone, even if some folks don’t realize it. Unfortunately, our culture does not help most women feel comfortable and safe talking about their experiences with sexual assault. Many of us know the statistics (i.e., one in four women in college have been the victims of rape or attempted rape) but how many women have confided in you about their personal experience?

Being silent about sexual assault is a huge part of what prevents us from stopping this form of violence in our society, and this silence severely impedes the healing process for many of the victims of sexual assault.

Please join your fellow survivors by contributing your poems, stories, narratives, artwork and other truths for an empowering alternative publication.

If you don’t care about the format, e-mail is best: . Or mail/drop them off to Laurel Frame, 6719 Sabado Tarde Rd., Isla Vista, CA 93117. Entries may be anonymous.