And now, the $64,000 question: Who has album #000001? In this day of CD burning and post-Napster downloads, Weezer is giving their fans reasons to actually buy their CD, as every copy of their newest album, Maladroit, is numbered and comes complete with video clips from their concerts. I’ve been listening to #368519 for the last 12 hours straight and, like most Weezer albums, it gets better every time you hear it. So what the hell does “Maladroit” mean, anyway? In short, everything this CD is not: awkward, clumsy and bumbling.

Fans who were worried about the band’s new bassist, Scott Shriner, – the third since Weezer’s 1994 debut album – can breathe easy as the album flows almost effortlessly from one track to another. Shriner may not be a memorable bassist but he gets the job done. “Dope Nose,” the first single, recalls the catchy pop sound of the Green Album but do not be fooled by what you hear on KJEE. The rest of the album has a heavier rock feel without losing the simple-but-easy-on-the-ears chord changes that Weezer is known for. “Take Control,” the fourth track on the album, is a perfect example. While the verses sound like they could be from any modern rock band, the melody in the chorus assures the listener that they are indeed listening to a Weezer song. Given the chance, Maladroit is an enjoyable album for Weezer fans old and new, and well worth your $15.

[Angela Potter has finally stopped the CD playing in the stereo but not in her head]