Three-time Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader will speak at the second annual Santa Barbara People’s March for Economic Justice this Saturday.

The People’s March for Economic Justice – an event dedicated to bringing awareness to local and global economic issues -is sponsoring a book signing and speech by Nader about local control versus corporate power, affordable housing and local and global organizing.

Media committee coordinator Silvia Rodriguez said Nader was chosen to speak at the event because of his extensive knowledge of issues involving corporations versus local businesses.

“He’s been active in a number of economic causes, such as Democracy Rising,” People’s March coordinator Gabriel Cohn said. “He’s sort of America’s number one citizen as far as getting people involved in politics.”

Cohn said participation in the march is a way for all the local groups who fight for economic justice to show support for each other.

“[The march is] a chance to bring together a lot of groups who are all working in various ways for economic justice,” Cohn said.

Rodriguez said the amount of community support and participation has increased greatly since last year.

“Basically, this is an event that is endorsed by over 50 local organizations such as the Green Party and [Isla Vista] Tenants Union. All these people are coming together to raise awareness,” Rodriguez said.

“It’s important for people all over the world to be involved because everything that happens affects all of us,” Cohn said. “We’re all in charge of making the world the best it can be.”

The march will begin downtown in Ortega Park at noon tomorrow. Nader will speak at 3:15 p.m. at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Sunken Gardens.