On this week’s spring ballots, the $1.75 Women’s Center and MultiCultural Center lock-in fees passed, and the $33.83 Sports and Activity Facility lock-in fee failed, but the margins are still unknown.

The Campuswide Elections Commission has not released the official ballot tallies for the initiatives because it is waiting for graduate students to count the votes from their elections, which ended last night. According to a statement from the CEC Chair Sarah Thibodeaux, exact numbers for election results will be released no later than Tuesday.

“As of right now, the Campuswide Election Commission has decided to announce the passage or failure of all campuswide initiatives without the hard numbers,” the press release stated. “Our announcement of the hard numbers is taken seriously, and we wish to release them all at the same time along with the graduate student numbers.”

The $9 Intercollegiate Athletics Scholarships and UCen Support Fee reaffirmations also passed, but the CEC cannot release the results for the Recreational Sports Fee reaffirmation until graduate students’ votes are officially approved.

The MCC hopes to use its lock-in fee funds for outreach programs for students who do not use the center’s resources or are not required to attend performances for classes. The fee will also help cover the cost of rising student salaries and cost of living, as well as pay for fees for performers, which have also increased.

MCC Associate Director Viviana Marsano said the fee is important because it also allows the MCC to continue to hold free events and stay open until 10 p.m.

“We will be able to keep things the same and perhaps offer more,” she said.

The lock-in fee for the Women’s Center provides the first budget increase in 20 years, campaign coordinator Rebecca Chapman said. She said the Women’s Center will no longer have to worry about affording duct tape for signs, and can also buy Advil and Band-Aids for the medicine cabinets.

“Our budget will no longer be in jeopardy,” she said. “It was a nice way of hearing from students that they know we are here and they like what’s going on.”

The Women’s Center’s will also use its money to cover stipends for students who organize student workshops and to replenish sexual assault survivor handbooks that are stolen off the shelves, Chapman said.

Keith Busam, co-chair of Students for the Advancement of Sports and Activities, said he was disappointed the Sports and Activity Facility lock-in fee did not pass.

“I think that students are opposed to any major hikes in their tuition,” he said, “and that’s understandable considering the current financial atmosphere.”