The University of California Police Dept. arrested a 19-year-old UCSB student April 4 for unlawfully entering the campus. They also charged the suspect with resisting arrest and making criminal threats to police officers.

Samuel Louis Strelitz, an Isla Vista resident, was dismissed from UCSB on March 26 and excluded from all university property for acts that “disrupted the orderly operation of the campus,” according to a UCPD press release. He was taken to the Santa Barbara County Jail where he remains in custody.

Strelitz may be released, according to a statement from UCPD Capt. Bill Bean, and anyone who sees Strelitz on UCSB property is asked to call the police at 893-3446.

The UCPD has had several documented encounters with Strelitz during which he said he would commit acts of violence against police officers.

The arresting officers found a recent receipt for the purchase of a shotgun that is still on a 10-day hold pending clearance by the Department of Justice.

The investigating officer said he could not comment at press time.

-Staff Report