Editor, Daily Nexus,

Some days life isn’t going that well. You fail your math final and have to repeat the class, you get dumped, you lose your bike lock or, even better, you get in a bike accident. Then, when you think things can’t get any worse, a seagull shits on you.

What do you do?

Besides utter “fuck” a couple of times, that is.

You smile and laugh, and then you feel a whole lot better. That same smile has a tenfold affect when you share it. For example, everyday on the bikepath you bike past a hundred grumpy looking people and it makes you grumpy too.

Then once a day, if you’re lucky, someone will smile at you. It comes so suddenly that you have to do a double take and, when you look back, they’re gone.

That little insignificant smile makes you happy. All of a sudden you feel like ringing that cheesy bell on your beach cruiser, and you smile at everyone who looks at you. Some people take it the wrong way and give you a look of surprise and disgust, but usually you get a smile in return and that makes your day. That little smile clears all your worries away and you radiate happiness to others.

When you’re on your way to class and you see a lone ranger on the bike path coming your way, give them a smile. It will make you feel good inside, and it will really brighten that person’s day.