Editor, Daily Nexus,

I protested abortion on Monday. And so did other pro-lifers. Cops came. I was prayed for. I was thanked. I was told to calm down. I was pissed. The newspaper article (Daily Nexus, “Living Without Vowels: Pro-Lifer Knows How to Use Dead Babies to Get People Yelling,” April 2) by Steven – a man – upset me very much. He seemed to use race to validate the fact that the protesters were wrong.

I agree with the protesters, yet I protested them for their method. They should try to convince women to be happy with a pro-life decision, but not by scaring them into making a decision they may not want or by placing psychiatric trauma on those who have had an abortion.

I believe that a woman has the final decision in whether or not to keep her baby. But people should remember that this isn’t an easy choice, and to politicize it without taking female psychology into account is immoral to females who are faced with the choice as a serious decision in THEIR life. Usually, this has to do with cases in sexual assault and financial need. To joke about seeing dead babies as pieces of veal seems to be more “Hitler-friendly” than to see it for what it actually is, a weapon and an insult used by the naive and ignorant.

Losing a child is never easy if one has a human heart. To turn it into an issue of race or religion is wrong and unjust to women, already isolated, who are searching for some moral support.

Although I protested the pro-lifers on campus and, as a result, was escorted off campus by the police, I do not agree with those who ignorantly take a stand on pro-choice to advance their political name either. People need to become educated and listen to their inner conscience to form an opinion and need to quit bringing into play the overused “Hitler youth” and “white supremacist” cards. We are all attending a university here and should be strong enough to admit that war proves our nation does not see life as sacred, and that the war is not against people’s outer appearances such as race and sex. The war is against the poor and it needs to stop.