Editor, Daily Nexus,

The University of California should be applauded, not criticized, for suspending the study abroad programs in the Middle East until the level of violence decreases. The most recent spate of suicide bombings and Israel Defense Forces military actions have raised the level of bloodshed to heights not seen in generations, and American students could become targets in what still has the potential to turn into an all-out war. Any UC endorsement of students remaining in the area would be viewed as highly irresponsible should the situation deteriorate even further.

In addition, I couldn’t help but notice that your map of Israel looked like it could have been drawn by Ariel Sharon or Avigdor Lieberman, showing de facto Israeli sovereignty over Palestinian areas along with the rest of Israel proper. Perhaps this was merely a regrettable oversight, but it displays a shocking ignorance of the issues that led to the suspension of the travel abroad program in the first place.