The Committee to Advise the [University of California] President on the Selection of a Director for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) met in closed session on Wednesday, March 27 to review applications and nominations for the position. University of California President Richard Atkinson, who heads the committee, was in attendance for the session.

The previous director, Bruce Tarter, announced on Dec. 7 that he would step down as the LLNL chief. The announcement came seven years to the day after his appointment to the position.

The UC advertised nationally for the position, attracting a large pool of applicants. Within a month, the committee is expected to finish reviewing the extensive list of applicants, come up with a short list of candidates for the position of the LLNL director and begin scheduling interviews with selected candidates.

“It’s a matter now of looking at where the lab is going and what kind of leader it should have,” said Rick Malaspina, the manager of community relations for the UC laboratory administration.