I like the band Air. In fact, I like the band Air a lot.

When I reminisce about my years at UCSB, I remember their first two albums, Premiere Symptomes and Moon Safari, and the joy they brought me. I listened to Air when I was smoking, drinking, driving, chilling, studying and especially when I was fucking.

And that’s cool.

That album marked a sexual revolution for me. But then Air changed. I read that they wanted to move away from their previous style to develop as artists. What?! I was hoping laid-back sexy electro grooves were here to stay. I may be a solipsistic jerk, but I need new music for the new ladies in my life, so I can stay hip and sexy at the same time.

Then Zero 7 arrived. My prayers aren’t answered, but at least we are getting close. These dudes sound exactly like Air, so much so, that in my mind they are Air, the old Air, the erotic Air that everyone wants to fuck to. While this may be the case, in order to truly appreciate this album you need to utilize the program button on your CD player to avoid the horrible vocals that plague half the tracks on the album.

It’s safe to say that the vocals of several songs, such as “Polaris,” could have been written in a 6th-grade poetry workshop. If you want to hear what outtakes from Moon Safari might have sounded like, this album is definitely worth checking out. However, to advance your sexual endeavors, just delete all of the odd tracks and burn a new CD.