Editor, Daily Nexus,

This address is in regard to Legislative Council Off-campus Representative Martin Doyle’s offensive comment about “lesbian pornography” during last Wednesday’s meeting (Feb. 6). Although we understand that Doyle is entitled to freedom of speech and expression under the First Amendment of the Constitution, we feel that this does not afford him the condescension he expressed toward the leadership of the Women’s Commission, female representatives of Legislative Council and female student constituents, as well as the queer community of UCSB including students, staff and faculty members. Doyle’s conduct was extremely unbecoming of a legislative council representative – a representative for the student body, of which about 54 percent are women and, theoretically, 18 percent of whom are queer (out of 18,000 undergraduate students).

It is not an uncommon occurrence for people to have differing beliefs or opinions on the same topic all the while maintaining cordial communication. This exempts resorting to personal attacks or other comments that could leave individuals feeling objectified. Comments such as Doyle’s are laden with the ignorance of a person who does not directly face issues of sexism or homophobia.

We demand an apology from Doyle, in writing, regarding his comment on “lesbian pornography.” This apology should extend to A.S. Women’s Commission, A.S. Queer Commission, queer-identified individuals on this campus and his Legislative Council peers. We support Associated Students Queer Commission’s offer to learn about “lesbian pornography” and other queer issues in an educational and RESPECTFUL forum that will benefit all council members.

Chair, Women’s Commission

Supporting Coordinator