Editor, Daily Nexus,

I was annoyed to read one Alan Kirk (Reader’s Voice, Feb. 4, “Idiot Hippies Need to Keep Their Flea Bag Dogs Leashed”) berate the notion of unleashed dogs, and me. It seems as though he is among that class of whiners that cannot direct his complaints anywhere but a piece of paper, an abstraction. In the description of the incident, he asserts his masculinity by claiming intervention and then goes on to exclaim how I, the dog owner, am a sub-genius. Well, that is not particularly offensive because I don’t consider myself any sort of genius. Furthermore, his intervention was between two dogs. If he is so adamantly disapproving as to say that “Agricultural Code allows farmers to shoot stray dogs … Unfortunately, the code doesn’t allow farmers to shoot irresponsible pet owners,” then why did this Alan Kirk not say anything to the pet owner that he wished dead?

I simply don’t have patience for these people who run around crying about their entitlements when they are unaffected. What is it that caused Alan Kirk such great distress? Was he being molested? The fact of the matter is a great deal of people get true enjoyment out of seeing dogs on campus. I can’t tell you how many smiles I see a day when walking with either my dog, Nina, or my girlfriend’s dog. So I would tell Alan and those like him to just relax a bit and let people, as well as dogs, do what they want. And if you really had a problem you could have come and talked directly to me; you saw me did you not?

It seems to me that Alan is a sad case. I can just imagine his frenzied fingers as he expounded on my idiocy, on his wishes for the death of dogs and their “idiot hippie owners.” But really, where has this diatribe gotten him? I wonder if it was vindicating to see his name in print, when all one has is a boy mad at himself taking it out on an animal that can’t tell him he is wrong. So Alan, I welcome you to your ejaculations and eloquent usage of mindless rhetoric. I invite you to continue yelling “Bad Dog! Bad Dog!” but don’t be surprised if someone yells back “Bad Human! Bad Human!” And if you want to talk I am easily reached at (805) 963-9319 or .