Gov. Gray Davis appointed Chair and CEO of Saban Capital Group Haim Saban – producer of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” – to the highest legislative body of the UC system, the UC Board of Regents, on Feb. 1.

Since September 2000 Saban has contributed $124,199 to the Gray Davis committee.

“He’s a very successful entrepreneur and he was appointed because he is going to be an excellent contribution,” Davis spokesman Alex Traverso said. “Our goal is to have another productive regent on the board.”

Saban’s experience with education includes contributions to various school organizations, such as Partners in Education and the Fullfillment Fund, according to the Office of the Governor. These programs are dedicated to mentoring and college career counseling.

Article IX, Section 9 of the California State Constitution specifies that the 18 governor-appointed regents serve 12-year terms. Once the governor nominates a person to the board, the state senate must approve the appointment by a majority vote.

Saban will be filling the seat of Howard Leach, who is now becoming an ambassador to France, UC spokesperson Trey Davis said.

Saban, gained him recognition in the entertainment industry when he founded Fox Family Worldwide and Saban Entertainment.