A redevelopment plan for the two and a half miles of coastline from Ellwood to the Isla Vista area will be established at a meeting tonight.

The meeting, which will be held at 6 p.m. at Ellwood School, will unveil the Ellwood-Devereux Coast proposal and hold a discussion of locations for development and preservation, said Santa Barbara County Planner Julie Harris.

“We will look at maps for public access trails and parking lots and allow the public to have initial impact comments,” she said.

Third District Supervisor Gail Marshall’s assistant, Mark Chaconas, said the plan will address the possibility of housing, the issue of environmental protection, and providing beach access.

Funding for the redevelopment will come from several groups including the Santa Barbara County Developers, the California Coastal Commission, the University of California, the city of Goleta, private landowners in Ellwood, as well as tax money and grants.

“One of the more important public access destinations is Sands Beach, and we will be discussing access trail locations and a public parking lot,” Chaconas said.

The proposal will be published in February.