Associated Students passed four bills on Wednesday, including one endorsing smoking standards set by the American College Health Association and another supporting the relocation of a local oil processing facility away from a residential area.

Currently the ACHA has set standards that call for programs on tobacco education including steps on how to quit tobacco product use, prohibition of smoking within 20 feet of building entrances, and prohibition of campus-controlled tobacco sales and advertising. The issue of whether or not to ban cigarette sales on campus has been brought up each year for the past two years, but was voted down both times. The current bill, which passed 14-6 with one abstention, serves as a compromise and will encourage UCSB to comply with these standards.

“I’m glad someone’s trying to come up with a compromise,” Off Campus Rep. Martin Doyle said. “But I don’t like prohibiting the advertisements of cigarettes. I like to know what the specials are. If there’s a two-for-one deal I want to know about it.”

“I see no reason for you not to support this,” said Maggie Stack, a Student Health Advisory Committee representative. “The only infringement on your right is your right not to stand near a building while you smoke.”

Council members also passed a position paper that supports amortization – the government’s responsibility to relocate a facility – of Veneco Inc. from its current location by West Campus, elementary schools and residential neighborhoods. The Veneco facilities are 35 years old and have been known to leak the deadly gas, hydrogen sulfide, Environmental Affairs Board Co-Chair Christine Underwood said.

“I’d hate for this argument to be framed left versus right,” said Off Campus Rep. Adam Kaiserman, the bill’s author. “This is an issue of health and safety versus death.”

EAB and other student groups will present the position paper to the County Board of Supervisors on Dec. 3.

The council also approved the formation of a committee that would recommend a long-term plan addressing A.S. finance issues to be presented before the end of winter budget hearings. Any student who attends three consecutive meeting can become a voting member of the committee.

Three resolutions, including one to oppose the presidential directive, “Combating Terrorism Through Immigration Policies,” and another to endorse an end to racial profiling, were tabled for further discussion.