Editor, Daily Nexus,

Let’s be frank – it really makes little difference that Christianity, Judaism and Islam share many of the same traditions, as Medea Torres reports in her Nov. 9 article, “Speaker Presents Religions’ Similarities.” That’s because Jews, Christians and Muslims find no compatibility in their interpretation of the Bible.

Consider for instance, Hisham Mahmood’s suggestion that Isaiah 11 refers to Mohammed. Sure, Christians and Jews share this text with Muslims, but each of us has a different take on the identification of this “Branch of Jesse,” who stands as “a banner for all peoples.” Christians say this is a prophecy concerning Jesus, whom they accept as the anticipated Messiah. Jews on the other hand (at least most Orthodox ones), believe this King from the line of David is yet to come. So what if we read the same text! Isn’t it our identification of this figure, whom the text says will bring justice and peace, what makes it possible to consider ourselves similar?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not issuing a cry for intolerance. I went to the lecture because I wanted some frank discussion. But people shouldn’t confuse tolerance with pluralism. Just because I don’t shut you up doesn’t mean that I have to tell you you’re right. Even more importantly, just because we share a common source doesn’t mean there aren’t significant differences, which are going to make all the difference in the end.