Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m pretty much sick of hearing all the liberals on our campus talk about how we shouldn’t be bombing the shit out of Afghanistan. Maybe all you hypocrites should think about what your reactions would be if one of your family members were killed. What if some of the bridges in San Francisco and Los Angeles had been destroyed while your mom or dad was driving home from work? I would be surprised if you still urged peace in the Middle East. This goes out to everyone who scribbles all the crap on our sidewalks. QUIT DOING IT! You think people want to walk to class and have to read your pink graffiti that looks more like what 5-year-olds would write in front of their houses? Why don’t you take some time and make a poster to hang with all the other ones that have useless phrases written all over them if you actually think what you have to say is the least bit important? One more suggestion: If America really isn’t that great, why don’t you go live in Afghanistan?