On Tuesday, Goleta residents will decide for or against Measure H, the Goleta cityhood proposal that excludes Isla Vista and eastern Goleta.

Residents will also elect board members to the Goleta Sanitary District, the Goleta West Sanitary District and the Embarcadero Municipal Improvement District.

Voters rejected Goleta cityhood in 1987 and1990, but supporters hope the proposed city will pass in this election with the exclusion of eastern Goleta, Isla Vista and UCSB. Only registered voters within the proposed city will be eligible to vote.

Voters will also elect a new mayor and city council if the proposed city is passed, and will decide whether the new city council elections will be elected by district or at large.

The candidates for city council are: David Bearman, Robert D. Bernstein, Jean Blois, Cynthia Brock, Margaret Connell, William R. Gilbert, Jack Hawxhurst, David H. Johnson, Bob Poole, Jonny D. Wallis, James A. Wasil and Reynaldo R. Ybarra. Voters can choose five of the 10 candidates.

The city council candidate that receives the most votes will be elected mayor.

The election will also fill vacancies on the boards of the Goleta West District, which operates the sewer system of the eastern Goleta valley, the Goleta Sanitary District, which operates the western half, and Embarcadero Municipal Improvement District, which provides about 200 homes in Tecolote Canyon with various community services.

Registered Goleta voters can take part in the election at Goleta polls on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

-Kirk Hawkins