Editor, Daily Nexus,

I was having a fun time walking down State Street on Halloween night until some guy, thinking he was hot stuff, grabbed my ass as I was walking by him. When I turned around to see who had done it, he was turning around smiling as if he were proud of what he had just done. I gave him NO PERMISSION to touch me on any part of my body and he had NO RIGHT to go there. Words cannot express how hurt I was by that action. It made me feel like I was a piece of meat. Like I was someone walking on this earth for his enjoyment. Here is a reality check for all you guys out there that think you can do that to women:

There is nothing about you that makes you special enough to holler at or touch a woman on any part of her body without her inviting you. Do you want some guy doing that to your mother, sister or girlfriend? Show some respect. Remember, a woman went through a lot of pain to bring you into this world. When you disrespect one woman walking down the street, you are disrespecting all women.