Calling Bill Clinton a “pot-smoking draft dodger” and liberals “mincing panty waste,” political pundit Ann Coulter spoke to a crowd in North Hall on Thursday night, finishing her speech amidst clapping and jeering.

The College Republicans sponsored Coulter’s talk as part of their American Hero Series. Coulter, who has worked at a law firm called the Center for Individual Rights and has also been a guest on the “Geraldo Rivera Show,” spoke about current liberal thought in connection with the “war on terrorism,” but refrained from answering any questions about her personal background.

Coulter said she does not think the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan is a religious war against Islam because the Taliban is effectively shielding tanks and military supplies within Mosques.

“If this was a war against Islam, they wouldn’t hide armaments in Mosques,” she said. “We’ve finally given liberals a war against oppression and women’s rights and they don’t want to take it.”

To avoid further “slaughter” like that which occurred on Sept. 11, Coulter said the people of Afghanistan should be converted to Christianity after the war. She used Japan and Korea as examples where Christian missionaries were sent into the countries after wartime without having what she called “drastic” effects, though she did not specify her interpretation of drastic.

Coulter said she believes the Muslim community is not expressing a sense of collective guilt about the terrorist attacks, as opposed to liberal Americans who still harbor unnecessary guilt about slavery.

“All whites forever more are guilty of slavery, even those who moved here last year,” she said.

The recent anthrax scare and resulting media coverage, as well as the call for more government involvement and federal employees in airports, are just ploys for liberals to create a larger U.S. government, Coulter said.

“Liberals are the only people who associate government employees with efficiency and competence,” she said.

During a question and answer session, Coulter was interrupted several times by audience members who asked her repeatedly to “answer the question.”

Senior political science major Tyson Borm, a former marine, asked why Coulter labels all Americans who question government policy or the war on terrorism as liberals. He was not satisfied with the answer.

“Every time she was asked a question [not in line with] republican views she would dismiss it with a quick joke, get a laugh and continue,” he said. “I would have liked her to answer how slamming anyone who questions America is not McCarthyism.”

Undeclared freshman Lizette Gomez also said she was not satisfied with the answers to some questions.

“I didn’t like the way she twisted the questions because she changed it to make fun of people,” she said. “By speaking so much hate she’s just perverting people’s minds.”

College Republicans Programs Director Jeff Farrah said Coulter fielded some questions, but some audience members only wanted to make a statement, not ask a question.

“I think there was some people who were very negative,” he said.