The UCSB Residence Halls Association has put together a few frightful Halloween events for students in a continuing effort to bolster safety, keep disturbances to a minimum and provide alternative activities to Isla Vista’s ghoulish revelry.

Due to problems with rowdy and often destructive overnight guests, RHA adopted a policy in 1996 prohibiting overnight guests and requiring that all outside doors remained locked Halloween night in order to keep non-residents out. Problems have been kept to a minimum so far this Halloween season, and RHA aims to keep it that way, according to San Miguel Hall Resident Assistant Chuy Gonzalez.

“Last year it was a little rowdier than it has been this year. There was a lot more partying in the dorms going on,” he said. “I think [the policies] actually minimize the disturbances in residence halls because there is less risk of problems from guests from outside the halls.”

Students have expressed mixed feelings about the no-guest policies, largely condemning it, but reluctantly admitting the need for its existence.

“I think the policy is too extreme. It’s not like people are getting all crazy and destroying things in the halls. I don’t think it should be so strict,” senior biology major Enice Park said.

“[The policy] kind of sucks if you know you can handle your friends, but I can see how it would be useful because it does get crazy down here,” sophomore linguistics major Nina Suh said.

Each residence hall will host activities today to serve as an alternative to going out. At 6 p.m. San Nicolas Hall will have a pumpkin-carving contest. Anacapa Hall is holding a door-decorating contest. Santa Cruz Hall will feature a haunted house and haunted carnival games. Anacapa, San Nicolas and San Miguel Hall will each be hosting “scary movie night” in their respective lounges, and Raf Caf