Camino Corto and Camino Pescadero will be closed to traffic and parking Tuesday, while both streets undergo construction.

Santa Barbara County allocated approximately $1.1 million for the re-paving of Sabado Tarde Road and El Colegio Road last summer. Camino Corto, Camino Pescadero, Del Playa Drive, Los Carneros Road and Trigo Road are among the roads slated for repairs, which will continue into 2002.

The overlay of Camino Pescadero and Camino Corto is scheduled for completion on Dec. 11. According to Gary Gamboa, a county Public Works Dept. engineering technician, the work will be done in phases, with periods of no work in between procedural steps.

Gamboa said the first step will be completed tomorrow and the following steps will begin in approximately three weeks.

“We anticipate one day closing of streets, and then we can open the roadways as soon as possible. [But] it’s not just a one day, in and out thing,” he said. “There are four steps in the procedures. The first step is the paving and grinding to match elevations. Second, we do what we call a ‘dig-out’, where we replace failed areas like potholes. The third step is the leveling course that goes down the part of the road where the cars travel. The fourth step is a final cap — a final pave.”

A detour system through Camino Del Sur is designed to avoid traffic problems caused by the closed streets.

“We want to get the word out so cars don’t get towed. Our workday is from 7a.m. to 5p.m., and then people can come back and start parking. The CHP are informed of the posting and will be enforcing,” he said. “We have started notifying [I.V. residents] fairly heavily. There are signs out right now that have been posted on both streets.”

Mark Chaconas, an assistant to 3rd District supervisor Gail Marshall, said the county budgeted the $1.1 million dollars at Marshall’s request to enhance safety in I.V.

“I.V. roads are a huge priority for Supervisor Marshall. We have contracted out to do 40-50 major roads in the entire district,” he said. “The funds come from state highway tax money dedicated to major roads. Now, we can put that money to work in Isla Vista.”