Writing a sex column is risky business – but being the twenty-first century avant-garde woman that I am, I knew I was up for the challenge.

I hope that the words I write of love, sex and everything in-between are entertaining and appreciable, but nothing more. My intentions are to defy stereotypes of women as submissive participants in the act of love and to pave the road to a livelier future for females. As you join me on this journey by reading my column every Wednesday, please keep in mind that together we create a future of respect, love and happiness.

The anecdotal cocktail recipe I received was thoroughly intoxicating. This potion for love is filled to the brim with spontaneity and spice. Thank you for sharing … cheers.

Males and females alike spend a lot of time and energy to look presentable. First impressions are solely based on appearance; therefore, making an effort to “look good” truly pays off. Whether you gel your hair or paint your nails, the effort is made to improve your appearance, which you hope will directly improve your chances of getting laid. If your efforts prove successful, you had better be prepared to expose your undergarments. This raw debut of your underwear has both the potential to be blissful or, quite possibly, disastrous. In order to avoid the latter, I am here to enlighten those of you who are garmentally-challenged.

Ladies: To ensure a victorious hook-up, refrain from any underwear remotely reminiscent of your grandmother – namely, anything tan, ruffled or larger than the area intended to cover. If you can eliminate these articles and replace them with brighter, tighter, translucent thongs, you’ll be well on your way to an enjoyable sex-sion.

The seductive potential of bras is yet another issue to be addressed. Unless you have DD’s (in which case your partner’s happy no matter what you’re wearing) less coverage is more. Never wear a bra with more than two clasps; not only will your hook-up be unable to unlatch this chastity-belt-like bra, it defies the aforementioned rule of staying away from granny-garments. Although you may find this change to cause a shift from severe comfort to uncanny discomfort, I can assure you it will be well worth it.

Guys: Although your options are limited in the underwear department, the choice is yours. From boxers to briefs, it’s the middleman that gets the ladies. Hands down, boxer-briefs are the way to a woman’s heart. Break free of the tighty-whiteys your mother dressed you in and don’t hang loosely under all the unnecessary fabric of boxers. Choose boxer-briefs. You’ll love the support, and she’ll love what she sees.

Let your lingerie prove that beauty really does come from within.

Molly Blank is the Daily Nexus sex columnist. Her column, “The Wednesday Hump,” exposes itself every Wednesday. Send in your stories, questions and comments to .