Editor, Daily Nexus,

To Chelsea Lindman (“Learning the Mind-Dulling Acronyms of College Life,” Reader’s Voice, Oct. 5):

Welcome to the University of California at Santa Barbara (gasp!). Stay as long as you can. Learn to love the acronyms. Make up some of your own and make fun of people when they don’t know what they mean. Make more fun of people who go along with your newly created wonders so they can be as cool as you. Write a lot of run-on sentences in your letters to the Nexus.

One question: In my five years at UCSB, I have yet to find the “prize-winning science department.” I’ve seen the prize-winning chemistry department, and the prize-winning physics department, but I can’t seem to find the science building. Is that by the social studies building? Maybe near recess plaza?

My fellow old folk: Do you remember stumbling to DP past DLG, hoping to avoid a MIP or a BUI? Getting into IVBC with a FID (see? made that one up: Fake I.D.) and hopping to the DJ playing B.I.G? Man, that was the SHT. Now SAASB wants my FAN and GOLD says to pay my BARC. Gotta take the GRE ’cause these days a B.S. is just plain … BS.