David Attias, the former UCSB student on trial for multiple counts of murder and vehicular manslaughter, appeared in the Santa Barbara Municipal Courthouse on Wednesday morning.

After meeting briefly with district attorney Patrick McKinley and Attias’ counselors Jack Earley and Nancy Haydt, Judge Thomas Adams Jr. confirmed several trial dates for the next six months. On November 15, the court will reconvene at 10 a.m. for “any motions necessary,” and on January 23 the court will meet for any “further readiness and settlements,” Adams said.

“We are setting the matter for trial on Friday, April 5 at 8:30 a.m., with the expectations that we would commence pretrial motions or jury selection on April 8,” he said. “There is an eight-week trial estimate. His attorneys have suggested that Mr. Attias is willing to give up his constitutional right [to a speedy trial] through the month of May 2002.”

Attias is being charged with 13 felony counts, including four counts of murder and four counts of manslaughter, for the fatal traffic incident that occurred on February 23. According to police, Attias drove his 1991 Saab down Sabado Tarde Road at approximately 60 mph, striking and killing four people and critically injuring a fifth.

Attias pled not guilty to the charges earlier this summer.