Falsehood has a truly sharp edge.

The band emerged from the local punk scene a couple of years ago and has since been steadily making a name for themselves, mostly with their catchy red and black stickers throughout I.V., Goleta and downtown. Their music is a distinct fusion between traditional punk rock and metal. The punk tones come from the band’s fast-paced rhythms and aggressive lyricism.

The grinding sound of Chris Swenson’s lead guitar, though, is what separates the band from most I.V. punkers. Complicated metal-esque riffs and solos lift the music above run-of-the-mill garage bands. It also helps that they don’t suck live.

To make a breakthrough out of the local scene, however, band members will have to better back up frontman Sean Mullin. Even with three Red Bulls in him, the fullness of his voice still needs wings at times.

In the meantime, I can still smile on the stickers with a new respect – even when aiming at the one in Madhouse’s john downtown.