Congratulations to Weatherfans Alana Kapust and Michelle Rieger for winning my first annual Weatherpageant. Without further ado, here are Alana and Michelle:

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, the “beautiful people” do … they fall in love with themselves everyday while looking in the mirror.

We don’t really give a shit how clear your skin is, how large your breasts are or how shiny your hair is. The people that think they can get ahead in life by flipping their hair or smiling sweetly make us want to kick them in their pretty little asses.

But there is a solution. All of the beauty-impaired must rise up and fight the attractive people that dominate our society! Pull their glossy hair, twist their fake boobs and kick them in their toned asses! Use your knowledge rather than your fake tans and implants to get ahead.

Tuesday’s forecast: Let’s change the world … starting by wearing a jacket and jeans when it’s cold instead of a tube top and miniskirt.