Editor, Daily Nexus:

Recently, the Daily Nexus refused to publish an ad submitted by David Horowitz titled, “10 Reasons Reparations for Slavery is a Bad Idea – And Racist Too.” Many college papers like the Nexus claim that Mr. Horowitz’s ad is “inflammatory” or “racist.” Well, I have a new buzzword for you: GUTLESS. I’ve often heard the word “liberal” associated with the Nexus, but it is neither liberal nor open-minded. We don’t have to look very far to see that the Nexus is only liberal in regard to ideas that have already been recycled in every student’s head. There is no challenge, and therefore no point to academic pursuits when they are CENSORED to the point where intellectuals like David Horowitz are denied FREE SPEECH. This is a university. It should be the hub of opinions, philosophy and debate, not a place where one opinion is drastically favored over another with no regard for the First Amendment. It’s plain and simple, the Nexus DENIES FREE SPEECH to David Horowitz, while at the same time DEMANDING it for itself. Liberalism is dead in American politics and has been replaced with tyrannical progressives who seek to destroy any controversy or competition in the name of their “better way.” There is no room for selfish oppression in academia. I’m here to progress as an intellectual, not to be stepped on by someone else’s opinion. The Nexus and other “liberal” American institutions insult students and voters when they refuse to give access to men like David Horowitz. If the Nexus is so concerned about students confusing the voice of its staff with the voice of others, then why doesn’t it eliminate the Opinion section?