As I returned home from the Weatherdesk last night, the lights from the Weathermobile lit up a parked car on the street.

Inside, I could see a bare-breasted blonde girl in the back seat.

“A thief!” I thought. “A naked, sweaty thief in a white, early-’90s model Honda Accord with California license plates 2UYX524.”

There were two thieves, in fact, working as a male-female team. They seemed to be working hard to get at something in the back seat, flailing around and sweating a lot. There must have been something very valuable in that back seat – some kind of wonderful treasure. The whole car was bouncing around!

As I was getting ready to call the police, the thieves stumbled out of the car and embraced in satisfaction. But they were empty-handed! I guess they were done stealing for the night.

Tuesday’s forecast: I think we need to institute a Neighborhood Watch in I.V. … because, hey, I like to watch.