Editor, Daily Nexus:

It was a piss-poor move by Pike to overbook Fight Night by several hundred people and I hope there is some consequence to pay. I was one of those hundreds of people that sat in line for over an hour while others were ushered up front or were avidly cutting in line. I was absolutely shocked when the police closed the event and started harassing people to leave, but they were not at fault, the fraternity was. I understand that the event was for charity and the money that I paid for the tickets was a donation, but I also paid to see an event and I am angry that I was treated in the manner that I was. Not only do I expect a full apology from Pike, I also expect a refund for all those who were gypped. The action of selling more tickets than seats were available is akin to fraud and false advertising. I do not feel that this should be overlooked by anyone, even if the event was in the name of charity.