Editor, Daily Nexus:

The submission regarding tax cuts (Reader’s Voice, “Students Should Back Bush’s Tax Cuts for Rich,” April 26), is the most blatantly propagandistic string of sentences I have seen grace the pages of the Nexus. The author was quick to demonize Democrats as “socialist,” exploiting fears of the term from the Cold War era. He shut down opposition to his opinion by revealing the penchant for Democrats to spew “lies and dishonesty.” Unable to resist a little dishonesty of his own, the author presented our last president as an oppressor who “did nothing but tax, tax, tax.” Clinton is also well known for sending troops to Bosnia and philandering. Our aspiring Goebbels then propagated the myth that jobs are a gift that our social superiors “offer us.” Jobs exist because there is a social demand for the services to be performed; there would still be clerks, flight attendants, teachers and all other professions even without the existence of the ultrawealthy. Finally, the statistics presented were skewed, despite being technically correct. Folks earning somewhere between minimum wage and double minimum wage ($6000 to $25,750) will receive no tax relief. Statistically, the greatest tax cuts go to those with the highest incomes, even without accounting for the repeal of the estate tax.

Though the author would be well advised to write more accurately, this is not to say that he was wrong to advocate tax cuts. I have been told repeatedly that Americans are paying more in taxes now than they ever have, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who would refuse a refund from the IRS. But before you support this tax cut, ask yourself whether it was designed to be fair.