It seems like nowadays everybody feels the need to combine contrasting music styles. Rap-rock, ska-pop, but opera and electronica? Well, at least we can say it sounds good – no wait, check that last one.

The musical equivalent of combining mixed nuts and bubble gum, Operatica: O ends up ruining two perfectly good genres. This album redoes a number of classic opera tunes, but adds electronic beats. The singing is fantastic on this album, and soprano Maureen O’Flynn has a great voice. But just when it starts to sound good, they drop in a cheesy electronic beat sounding like it was preprogrammed onto a Casio. The beats and basslines are terribly simple and repetitive, and just don’t work musically with swooning opera vocals.

I’m also puzzled as to what kind of people would buy this album. Party kids looking to expand their musical tastes? Opera-loving parents trying to impress their kids? Now, I love a good aria as much as the next person but for now I think I’ll save my 15 bucks.