Editor, Daily Nexus:

Imagine, on a beautiful sunny day like last Sunday, you decide to go to Depressions Beach on campus. You bring your beach towel and book, or surfboard, and bike out past the new construction blight. You may or may not notice the small signs that say bike parking is illegal, but you know there are no racks around. You figure, like most people, that locking your bike to the fence as people have been doing for years will be fine. You come back to find your bike has been “serviced” for the community to an impound lot a hefty walk from where you are standing, with a $25 to $30 price tag you must pay if you do not want it to join the party at the CSO bike auction.

So you are super pissed off and you think, “I am not such a bad guy, where did I go wrong?” The answer from the campus authorities is that you should have parked it at the nearest racks on campus (I believe none are closer than San Rafael). Well, bullshit!

Put in a bike rack for people who use the beach, and until that time, CSOs should not be cutting locks and leaving people stranded! Anyone can see that no bike racks exists within a practical distance, so be reasonable and LEAVE THE BIKES ALONE until a rack is properly installed. Meanwhile, enjoy the beach and help keep it clean.