Spring is here, and you know what that means.

Untalented skateboarders.

During my freshman year, the Weatherfling and I created a simple game called “Ooooh” that I have been enjoying ever since. Now, I bring the joy and wonder of “Ooooh” to you, the Weatherfan:

1) Walk around campus. Keep your good eye out for skateboarders falling their way to class.

2) When you see one, simply begin counting: “One, one thousand. Two …”

3) Stop when he falls. Add number to fall rating.

4) Calculate fall rating using the following scale:

25 points: Loss of balance, minimal board distance … boring.

50 points: Bodily contact with concrete, medium board distance … amusing.

100-points: Deep gurgling noises, open wounds, extreme board distance … hilarious.

5) Laugh and repeat.

Thursday’s forecast: Clear skies … perfect weather for carnage.