This coming weekend, the MultiCultural Drama Company presents “Nasty with a Twist,” an adults-only theater presentation that addresses issues like government corruption, racism and pornographic nastiness.

“Nasty with a Twist” is written, directed and acted by performers involved in the roughly 14-member drama company that has been around for about three years. It consists of eight one-act plays, five of which are short 10-minute skits, and clocks in at two-and-a-half hours. The MCDC functions using both traditional published plays as well as submissions that are accepted from members and non-members of the club. The ethnic makeup of the club attempts to represent the ethnic makeup of UCSB, but with less white people.

The MCDC doesn’t present the topics in the politically correct manner which the club’s members claim is the common method of exposing such issues. Krishna Narayanamurti, the club’s founder, and Isaac Larner describe their show as a blend of things that don’t fall under one particular style or theme. “Nasty with a Twist” will be different from what people have seen before because it addresses these issues head-on without any pretenses.

Larner and Narayanamurti want to warn the audience that this is adult entertainment and is definitely meant only for mature audiences. Larner says that hopefully the next show will be rated NC-17, but in any case, don’t expose “Nasty with a Twist” to your kids. The show is free with a donation box at the MCC Theater. Seats fill quickly, so come early.