Marc Kielburger, director from Free the Children International, and Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Youth Outreach Coordinator Michael Coffey will speak in Broida Hall 1610 today from 2-3:15 p.m. as part of the “Global Forces in the Post-Cold War Lecture Series.”

Kielburger, who currently attends Oxford University, is also a chairman for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee. His brother, Craig, founded the nonprofit organization Free the Children International in 1996 after he learned about a 12-year-old boy from Pakistan who was shot while defending children’s rights. The boy had been a slave since he was four years old and had worked 12 hours a day. The goal of the organization is to prevent child abuse and exploitation around the world.

“Free the Children is an international network of children helping children through representation, leadership and action,” according to the Free the Children website.

Currently, Kielburger holds programs to teach leadership and visits campuses in New York, India, Kenya and other countries to give lectures. He is also the author of “You Can Change the World!”

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is an organization committed to ending nuclear threat and encourages its members to help by “waging peace.”

“I cannot emphasize enough how I detest nuclear weapons, as well as the legacy of toxic contamination and human and environmental degradation heaped upon our children because of nuclear weapons and radioactive waste,” Vice President of Time Warner Ted Turner wrote on the foundation’s website. “The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is providing a critical international network of opposition and action to help bring about the end to the proliferation, indeed the existence of these awful weapons.”

– Sarah Healy