A moment of silence began Wednesday night’s Associated Students Legislative Council meeting, which included a position paper expressing sympathy to the families and friends of the victims of Friday’s tragedy.

Leg Council unanimously passed a resolution offering its condolences to the families and friends of Nicholas Bourdakis, Christopher Divis, Ruth Levy and Elie Israel, who were killed last weekend, and Albert Levy, who is still in the hospital.

Council members also encouraged students to attend today’s vigil in honor of the victims. The ceremony begins at 4:30 p.m. in Storke Plaza.

In other business, the upcoming Spring Elections have caused a division between Leg Council and executive officers, leading to a presidential veto and the council overriding one of A.S. President Mahader Tesfai’s appointments to Elections Committee. First, Leg Council passed a new Elections Code restructuring the way runoff elections are conducted. Tesfai then vetoed the bill, claiming it did not represent the best interests of the students.

Last night, Tesfai presented a nomination to the Elections Committee, which oversees the upcoming Spring Elections. However, a few Leg Council members had someone else in mind for the position. The council voted to amend the nomination to its nominee, senior Brian McGuire, overruling a decision by Internal Vice President Alison Scheer to reject the nomination.

McGuire’s supporters include Off-Campus Rep Vanessa Blau, who said he attended several Elections Committee meetings and helped to construct the controversial Elections Code.

“Those against his nomination have not been to Elections Committee meetings,” she said, “and haven’t seen the impact he has on the committee.”

McGuire’s opponents questioned the constitutionality of the nomination. Tesfai said council members let personal ties influence their decision.

“If it’s a problem with me, change the By-Laws to say that the president elects people, not nominates them,” he said. “Your best friends can get on any board or committee they want.”

McGuire was appointed to the committee by a vote of 14-6, with one abstention.

The council also debated the place of Isla Vista and UCSB in the proposed boundaries of the city of Goleta. Leggies agreed urban services, which only a city can provide, are necessary for both students and permanent residents of I.V., but said other issues were not so clear-cut.

One major concern was how annexation of Isla Vista into Goleta would affect the [Re]Vision Isla Vista project, which currently receives funding from the county, UCSB and Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District.

Proponents of the annexation, such as Off-Campus Rep Josh Baker, said I.V. residents are already financially supporting Goleta business, and this would allow them to have more access to their own tax dollars.

“Students largely support the movie theater and the Costco shopping center [as a whole],” he said, “but our tax dollars are not going to us.”

The resolution was tabled to give Leg Council more time to research the impact of annexation before taking an official stance on the issue.