On Feb. 21, 2001, Associated Students Legislative Council voted to change the elections process as we know it without consultation with the student body. Along with other changes, A.S. Elections Committee proposed a new tally system for counting ballots, which would dramatically change the way you vote for your representatives. For this and many other reasons, I have acted on my presidential responsibility and have vetoed the proposed Elections Reform Bill. The 25-page elections code was finished and e-mailed to Leg Council the day before the Leg Council meeting without any public input beforehand. There was no forum for students to discuss their elections process.

The new tally system is a loophole to get around the A.S. constitutional amendment that states that student representatives shall be voted in by 50 percent plus one of the A.S. student membership. There are multiple issues that were proposed in the 25-page document that could not be reviewed given the one-day notice. Imagine having bought your class reader the day before your midterm. There has been a case filed with A.S. Judicial Council to overthrow the veto, which under regular circumstances would take a two-thirds majority vote to be overturned by Leg Council. The case was filed on procedural grounds rather than the validity of the veto.

I am asking for students to find out more about the elections process. Get in touch with your Leg Council representatives and elections committee. Call the A.S. main office at 893-2566 and tell them you do not approve of the way election changes are being handled without taking your opinions into consideration. If you want to ensure that A.S. elections are fair and democratic please come to the Leg Council meeting tonight in the Flying A Room in the UCen at 7 p.m. and voice all of your concerns during the public forum. I hope to see you there.